February 22, 2009


Hi and lo! Rise and shine! This marks my first ever post in blogspot© . Yes, it is. I've written blogs in the past but I was inevitably passive in my writings because I :

1) Can't find the time to (in now's case, time should find me :P) < ??? inexplainable
2) Didn't like writing out my ideas, thoughts etc publicly (in now's case, ideas and thoughts should be able to like me) < ? again inexplainable

Anyway, I shall start to love writing blogs now because... erm.. because.. aaa... errr... mooo... Now, this is getting tougher :P

As this will be my first post, I'll make it short and precise. Before I end, just so you can get to know me better (I think that's what blogs are meant for-to get to know people better through their sharings about life and experiences), here are some trivias about me:

Trivia #1: I'm not a Chinese. People think I'm one because of my surname. Neither am I a mix of Chinese from any both sides of my parents. The only link I have to Chinese is that back at home, our neighbours in front/back/left/right of our house are Chinese people. Ngehehe. Plus my closest friends are Chinese. :)

Trivia  #2: I may have a personality disorder, really. Depending on the situations and external factors, I can at a time be notably unassertive, shy and a woman of little words. I shall call her Jonah (random :P) At another time, I'm loud, crazy as it seems, bubbly and I'll do all these funny and ugly gestures that I'm good at. Could it be that I'm now in this phase called an early age crisis cause people at age 40's have their own middle age crisis too. T_T"

Trivia #3:  I don't eat bananas. It's the weirdest thing, I know. Force me to eat one and I'll dislike you just as how a baboon would hate you if you feed it with 'belacan'. Lol. Jk.

trivia #4: I can imitate the infamous donald duck laugh. Again, weird.

I think by the time you finish reading the trivias, you'll conclude that I’m a bizarre person so I might as well just pause here for the moment. We shall resume back in my next post. It's 3.36 in the morning and I shall get my essential sleep now. Till then, toddles. Thanks for reading. :D

Facts for the day:
Ducks' feet have no nerves or blood vessels. This means ducks never feel the cold, even if they swim in icy cold water!