April 30, 2010

why mums are always right

toothache is here!

Mum has always reminded me to brush my teeth before I go to bed. Sometimes when I'm too sleepy, I would just gargle my mouth with pipe water or worst case-just go to bed.

Got a toothache visiting me since yesterday. I remember the last thing I ate the night before was an apple, and I went straight... to bed. Been eating only noodles for the past 2 days now with the pain that I'm enduring. Argh I should visit a dentist anytime soon. Can still bear with the pain now - but wouldn't want to wait till it gets worse. Mum promised to pay for the dental bills (see..in spite of the advice that i knowingly ignored, she still stood up for me, thanks mum!) I'm still wondering when will I have the time to go see a dentist. Considering next week I have plenty of presentations waiting, plus final exam is coming up very very soon. Toothache is the most uncomfortable aching pain that anyone would want to avoid. Lesson learnt Jane.

The dentist that I know nearby is in Ipoh and they open up from Monday - Saturday only. Tomorrow's a Saturday, but I won't be free, I've got plenty of work to do. Weekdays are not a good idea too. Hmm dilemma -.-

April 15, 2010

the day my bf called me

Was talking to my bf on the phone as usual today. But what made it slightly different from any other days, is that, today while talking, I was at the same time shaping my eyebrows, using an eyebrow razor. So we continued talking and he asked me what I was doing. I said, "I'm shaping my eyebrows". Then he said, "You'd better be careful." Being the stubborn me, I replied, "Never mind I know what I'm doing" confidently. And then in the midst of our conversation, he said something shocking (forgot what it was), so my hand jerked due to the body reflex. Zeeetttt, the razor wiped off the ends of my right eyebrow. Licin like kepala Eric Leong. hueheheh! He finds it unfunny, and I was scolded :( he said, "Degil oh kamu ni." Syg, sy mmg karas kepala oh. :P I love u. Ah screw it, I guess i'll have to draw my eyebrows when i go out of the room for this coming 2-3 weeks.

Don't play-play oh!