July 20, 2015

Life as it is

It's the first post of the year. And, in a week's time, I will turn 27. Wow. Time flies. I was only 21 when I first established this new profound love of mine; my blog, which I gradually left unattended. While browsing through old posts, I couldn't stop thinking of how I used to have so much of passion in writing but as time goes by and as I slowly get drowned in the hectic life of adulthood, I realize I have not paused to get a good look of life and happenings around me. Count your blessings they say. 

Well, here are some highlights and milestones of events transpired in the past five (missing) years.


R Graduated from Uni end of the year


R Sabah trip with partner and friends

R Landed a job in one of the oil and gas company

R Graduation Ceremony in October and... 

R A visit to Langkawi with family thereafter

R Purchased DSLR (wish list item)


R Enrolled in Yamaha Piano Class (which lasted for a year or so)

R Purchased a digital piano (also a wish list item)

R 1000th Day Celebration with partner (02.02.2012)

R Singapore Trip with family in April

R Bali Trip in October with family

R Paternal grandfather passed away (after succumbing to brain tumor)


R Visited Yogyakarta (often called “Jogja”) in May

R Finally managed to scrape this one off my bucket list; visited Simpang Mengayau, the tip of Borneo with partner

R Experienced Autumn in Tokyo, Japan with family


R Penang in May with sister

R Purchased our first commitment together, baby Honda in August

R Road Trip to Cameron Highland in early October

R Road Trip to Malacca end of October

R 2000th Day Celebration with partner (29.10.2014)


R Unmarried and it's the least of my worries

R Desaru Beach, Johor in February

R Road Trip to Ipoh with partner and revisited Lost World of Tambun for the third time in May

Well, that’s that for now. I thank the Lord for the joy of having great friends and family around me.